Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install any software to my computer in order to use all your services?
Definitely no, you can use all our services online without the need to download or install any software.

Why should I register with filezigzag?
As a free registered user, you will have the following benefits:
• Upload up to 2GB of media files.
• You can convert or send larger file size.
• Yours files will have higher priority than unregistered users.
• More time before files expires.
• More time before files expires.

I haven't received a confirmation email after registration?
If you have signed up but not yet received a confirmation email then please check your spam folder,If you are still not able to find the email, then please contact our support team at and they will activate your account.

Can I convert a file without signing in?
Yes you can.

How many times can I use filezigzag as a public user?
There are no limitation in converting your file under 180MB, above 180MB is for registered users.

I noticed when converting a file, the result shows two file extensions, for example: converting document.doc to .pdf result shows document_doc.pdf, what does this mean?
It means your file extension is now ".pdf" format and the "_doc" before it is only a name & does not reflects the file type any more.

I have forgotten my password, where can I reset it?
Click on sign in, then click on "Forget Password". The system will ask you to enter your registered email and a security code, after that you will receive an email with a link to complete the process of resetting your password.
See screen shots.



What different file formats do you support?
We have divided our file formats into five main categories - Audio, Document, Image, Video and Archive Formats. To see our entire supported format, Click Conversion Types.

Can I delete my account?
No you can't. However your account will expire if not used for a minimum period 6 month.

How will I know if my file type is not supported?
Automatically the system detects the file format and alerts you if the file format is not supported.

Can I share a file to multiple email addresses at the same time?
Yes, by separating the email addresses with "," or ";" with no spaces.

How much time is required to convert or to send a file?
Basically less than 5 minutes depends on the file size and server busy. But registered users receive their files faster since they are on a higher priority.

How will I receive my converted file?
By email, or you can wait on the same page until the file is converted.

How long do the downloaded links remain effective before expiry?
Unregistered Users:
The links remain effective for 1 days.

Registered Users:
Free users: The links remain effective for 3 days.
Basic users: coming soon.
Premium users: coming soon

Is there a size limit to the file(s) uploaded?
Yes there is a limit and it depends on whether you want to convert or share a file and if you are registered or an unregistered users.
Unregistered Users:
To convert or share a file: unlimited up to 180MB.

Registered Users:
Free users: To convert or share a file: unlimited up to 180MB and 1 time a day up to 2GB.
Basic users: coming soon.
Premium users: coming soon.

How many times can I download my converted file?
You can download your converted file as many times as you like. The file will remain active for up to 3 days for registered users and 1 day for free users.
For developers, the URL generated to download the file will expire after 60 minutes and you will have to renew the URL using the API.

Can you convert the same file more than once?
Yes you can to more than one type.

What type of file formats can the selected file be converted to?
The system automatically detects the file format and lists the available format types, as shown in the screen shot.

I have converted a file but did not receive a confirmation email?
If you are a public user, please check your inbox and junk mail. If you still have not received the status or the file for your conversion, please contact us at For registered users your converted file will be added to your inbox directly. Unless it failed then you will receive a failure notification by email.

Will I receive an email if the conversion has failed?
Yes the system will automatically send an email message with a status for your conversion. If conversion fails you will receive this message: "The file (the name of your file) has failed to convert to (format type).
Please contact us at to help us find the reason of your file failure.

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