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OTT file extension

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What is OTT and how you can convert OTT file?

Our Free online document converter allow you to convert your document OTT ( OpenDocument Text Template ) format. Upload your OTT file and then select the format type you want to convert to, after the conversion is completed you can download the converted document file instantly or by email.

OTT Extension

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OTT file definition

Open Document template developed by OASIS, save the page layout and default styles for a text document, used for authoring .ODT documents that have the same appearance and formatting.OTT templates are often used for saving company letterheads, memo templates, or templates for other official document types.

Technical details for OTT file

An OTT file extension is an acronym for Open document Template Text, a template for text files created for and used in the Open Office software application suite created by OTT files, as defined by Open Document Architecture (ODA), are pre-built, formatted text files created by programs such as Writer and the StarOffice word processor, and usually contain templates for common document forms like order forms and standard reports. ODA compliant files are termed Open Document Interchange Format (ODIF) files, based on general markup language. Open Document is an open source XML based file format used with documents containing text, graphical elements, charts, and spreadsheets. The software suite takes advantage of existing standards to the extent possible to avoid recreation. There is one other type of file that uses the OTT file extension.

File extension


Programs that open OTT files

Apache OpenOfficeApache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOfficeApache OpenOffice
Planamesa NeoOfficePlanamesa NeoOffice
Apache OpenOfficeApache OpenOffice
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