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SDW file extension

Online Document Converter

What is SDW and how you can convert SDW file?

Our Free online document converter allow you to convert your document SDW ( StarOffice Writer Text Document ) format. Upload your SDW file and then select the format type you want to convert to, after the conversion is completed you can download the converted document file instantly or by email.

SDW Extension

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SDW file definition

StarOffice Writer Text Document SDW file contains a text document created with Star Writer. The SDW file extension serves as a marker to your computer, signaling that the file requires Star Writer or a compatible software program to access the file.

Technical details for SDW file

SDW created with StarOffice Writer 5.0 or earlier, also known as "StarWriter", the word processor included with Sun Microsystem's StarOffice suite, may also be opened with the Writer program, recent versions of the software utilize .sxw files instead, if you do not have Star Writer installed on your computer, you can download the Writer program from in order to open a .sdw file.

File extension


Programs that open SDW files

Apache OpenOfficeApache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOfficeApache OpenOffice
Planamesa NeoOfficePlanamesa NeoOffice
Apache OpenOfficeApache OpenOffice
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FileZigZag can convert SDW files to the following formats:

sdw to doc (Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP)
sdw to html (HyperText Markup Language)
sdw to odt (OpenDocument Text)
sdw to ott (OpenDocument Text Template)
sdw to pdf (Portable Document Format)
sdw to rtf (Rich Text Format)
sdw to stw (OpenOffice.og 1.0 Text Document Template)
sdw to sxw (OpenOffice.og 1.0 Text Document)
sdw to txt (Text Document)
sdw to vor (StarWriter 5.0 Template)
sdw to xhtml
sdw to 7z (7-Zip Archive)
sdw to zip (Zip Archive)

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