Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install any software in my computer in order to convert files?
Definitely not. You can use all of our services online without the need to download or install any software.
Can I convert a file without signing in?
Yes you can. Our services is available any time! However, we do recommend to register in order to have more file size and control.
How many times can I use FileZigZag as a public user?
You can use it any time you like, however, there is a limit of 10 files per day for public, unregistered users.
Can I advertise on your site?
Yes you can. If you are interested please contact us at
How can I know if my file type is not supported?
The system automatically detects the file format and alerts you if the file format is not supported.

How much time is required to convert a file?
It depends on file size and type and the target format you want. Generally, it should be less than 3 minutes.
Is there a size limit to the file(s) uploaded?
Yes there is a limit of 50 MB for each file. You can change this limit by changing your subscription.
What different file formats do you support?
We have divided our file formats into seven main categories: Images, Documents, Audio, Video, EBooks, Archives, and Web page Formats. To see our entire supported formats, Click here.
What type of file formats can the selected file be converted to?
The system automatically detects the file format and lists the available target format types.
Why my conversion has failed?
We support a lot of file formats but there are few reasons that might cause this failure:
  1. Your source file is corrupted: Sometimes the original file is missing some metadata that is essential to the existent of the file, this can happen due to a sudden stop while recording HD is full, power cut, etc. In this case, we are afraid that the file is useless.
  2. Your source file is encrypted.
  3. Your file contains some codecs that cannot be converted.
  4. Our converter doesn’t identify your format. In this case please contact us attaching your file, and we'll do our best to find a solution.
How long do the downloaded links remain effective before expiry?
The links will remain effective for 24 hours.
Why my file is downloaded as a zip file?
Sometimes the conversion process will result in more than one file (e.g multi-page PDF to JPG images). Therefore, the files will be downloaded in a compressed zip file containing all the resulting files.
How many times can I download my converted file?
You can download your converted file as many times as you like, as long as you are within the allowed time limit (which is 24 hours).
How many files can I select at a time?
It depends on your subscription type. Each type has its limit of allowed file conversions per day. However, you cannot post more than 50 files a time. If you want to convert more files (and your subscription type allows more files to be converted that day), you can return back to the conversion page and post more files.

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