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WMA file extension

Online Audio Converter

What is WMA and how you can convert WMA file?

Our Free online audio converter allow you to convert your audio WMA ( Windows Media Audio ) format. Upload your WMA file and then select the format type you want to convert to, after the conversion is completed you can download the converted audio file instantly or by email.


WMA Extension

Other WMA conversions

WMA file definition

Audio file compressed with Windows Media compression; proprietary format developed by Microsoft, similar to the .MP3 format; can be converted to other more standardized formats; often used for playing music from the Web; Windows Media video files use a WMV Extension. Microsoft's Zune portable music player and the Disney Mix Stick MP3 Player can play WMA files. They cannot be played on an iPod.

Technical details for WMA file

A WMA file extension is an acronym for Windows Media Audio, a lossy, compressed audio file container developed by Microsoft. It was designed to compete directly with MP3 and RA formats. WMA files use the Advanced Systems Format (ASF) to include compressed audio using a codec for Windows Media Audio. Since the file type is a container file, it can include both audio data as well as metadata like the artist's name and the title of the track. In addition to Windows Media Player, WMA files can be converted to other types of audio files for play on the internet with appropriate audio conversion software. WMA files can be played on Microsoft Zune portable players and Disney Mix Stick players. They cannot be played on an iPod.

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Programs that open WMA files

Microsoft Windows MusicMicrosoft Windows Music
Microsoft Windows Media PlayerMicrosoft Windows Media Player
Microsoft Groove MusicMicrosoft Groove Music
Nullsoft WinampNullsoft Winamp
Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3
ArcSoft TotalMedia TheatreArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre
Xilisoft Video Converter UltimateXilisoft Video Converter Ultimate
Web browser with the Windows Media Player pluginWeb browser with the Windows Media Player plugin
ShedWorx Smart ConverterShedWorx Smart Converter Apple QuickTime PlayerApple QuickTime Player with Flip4Mac WMV Components Web browser with theFlip4Mac WMV pluginWeb browser with theFlip4Mac WMV plugin

olimsoft OPlayerolimsoft OPlayer
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Microsoft Corporation

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FileZigZag can convert WMA files to the following formats:

wma to aac (Advanced Audio Coding File)
wma to aif (Audio Interchange File Format)
wma to aiff (Audio Interchange File Format)
wma to aifc (Audio Interchange File Format Compressed)
wma to au (Audio File)
wma to flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
wma to m4a (MPEG-4 Audio Layer)
wma to m4r (MPEG-4 Audio Layer)
wma to mp3 (MPEG Audio Layer 3)
wma to mmf (Synthetic Music Mobile Application)
wma to opus (Opus Audio File)
wma to ogg (Ogg Vorbis Compressed Audio File)
wma to ra (Real Audio Sound)
wma to wav (Windows Waveform Sound)
wma to 7z (7-Zip Archive)
wma to zip (Zip Archive)

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