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TBZ2 file extension

Online Archive Converter

What is TBZ2 and how you can convert TBZ2 file?

Our Free online archive converter allow you to convert your archive TBZ2 ( Bzip2 Compressed Tape Archive ) format. Upload your TBZ2 file and then select the format type you want to convert to, after the conversion is completed you can download the converted archive file instantly or by email.

TBZ2 Extension

TBZ2 file definition

TBZ2 is a compressed archive file with both TAR and BZ2 compression, the file must be decompressed using Bzip2 decompression program and then extracted from the tar archive. TBZ2 is often found on Unix Operating system. In one click you can convert TBZ2 file with Filezigzag.

Technical details for TBZ2 file

Typically TBZ2 files are in the binary format, they require Burrows-Wheeler transform for compression and Huffman entropy for coding. TBZ2 stores only a single file and usually combined with TAR files.

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Julian Seward

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